IABC Member Benefits

Why join? Get these member-only benefits.

IABC offers a wide range of benefits. The following advantages are available only if you have a current membership.

o  Each full monthly issue of Communication World magazine

o  Priority access to the IABC Job Centre: anyone can use Job Centre to search for new opportunities, but IABC members get exclusive access to new postings

o  Member discounts on a range of workshops, webinars and in-person events, including IABC World Conference, the IABC Heritage Region Conference and local chapter programs

o  Special free-to-members professional e-book, video, webinar and other content offerings (watch your email for new additions)

o  Industry research reports to help you keep up on latest findings

o  Member discount on professional certification

o Member discount on entering the regional Silver Quill Awards and international Gold Quill Awards programs

o Opportunity for experienced professionals to evaluate award entries

o Volunteer leadership opportunities at the regional level

Plus, be among the first to hear about:

o  Professional resources providing fresh insight

o  IABC World Conference, as well as other global events and online educational offerings 

o  The unbeatable network provided by connections across the Heritage Region and IABC’s global presence in more than 70 countries.

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