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Congratulations to the 2019 Silver Quill Recipients!

Thank you to all who entered the 2019 IABC Heritage Region Silver Quills. This program has been a hallmark of communication excellence for more than 15 years. This prestigious award is a distinction of excellence within the communication profession.

We received 61 entries from 9 states, Washington, D.C. and  Canada.  We especially want to thank the more than 40 volunteers who served to evaluate these entries.

Each entry was reviewed by two professional communicators who followed the IABC seven-point global scale of excellence. Entries that fall within a certain threshold received either an Award of Excellence or an Award of Merit.

Award recipients were acknowledged at a special ceremony on September 23, during the 2019 Heritage Region Conference in Detroit.

2019 Silver Quill Award of Excellence Recipients

IABCSilverQuillLogo_excellence.pngDivision 1: Communication Management

Paula Silver, Randi Berris, Cindy Hecht, Dana Blankenship and Katie Gonta, “Building Support for Wind Energy in Mid-Michigan,” DTE Energy Category: Community Relations

Randi Berris, Pete Ternes, Paula Silver, Renee McClelland, Christina Hajj and Dana Blankenship “Powering Michigan's Future,” DTE Energy, Category: Corporate Social Responsibility

Catherine Vera-Burgos; Cindy Palese; Pam Berry; Jody Gembarski, Pharm.D.; Lee Ann Czerniawski; Meghan O’Brien Edwards; Duane DiFranco, M.D.; William Beecroft, M.D.; George Kipa, M.D.; Bill Pompos, "On the front line: Battling the opioid epidemic," Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, Category: Corporate Social Responsibility

Heather Grondin, Mark Butler, Stephanie Campeau, Katie Dicks, Chelsey Nikita and Tara Carson, “Gordie Howe International Bridge – Financial Close,” Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, Category: Government Communication Programs

Tracy Imm, ABC, APR, “Maryland Insurance Administration Implements Best Practices in Communications,” Maryland Insurance Administration, Category: Government Communication Programs

Ingram Industries, “Ingram Industries 2019 Benefits Enrollment,” Category: Human Resources and Benefits Communication

Dan Feinberg and the VTLO Marketing Team, “Communicating for Success Through VTLO's Vine,” Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO), Category: Internal Communication

Michael Buller, Senior Director, Content and Creative Services, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Steven Singer, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Cheryl Ross, Senior Project Director, Davis & Company; Alison Davis, CEO and Senior Consultant, Davis & Company; Danni Francis, Project Specialist, Davis & Company,  “Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Internal Communication System Development,” Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with Davis & Company, Category: Internal Communication

Bridget M. Kavanaugh, APR; Michele Kersten-Hart; Janet Roberts, APR; Angela Carollo, MBA; Pamela Cox-Otto, Ph.D., “OCC’s first comprehensive brand campaign: Excellence Empowered,” Oakland Community College, Category: Internal Communication

Thomas Sclafani, “Ideas at Northwell Soft Launch,” Northwell Health, Category: Internal Communication

SSDM - Bosch US, “SSDM Introduces Bosch ADS,” SSDM, Category: Marketing, Advertising and Brand Communication

Paul Furiga, Jeremy Church, Erin Hogan and Dan Stefano, “Landing the whale: Attracting higher-net-worth financial clients with earned media,” WordWrite, Category: Media Relations

Katie Higgins, Teddy Wingert and Andrea Trapani, “Bringing the World of Peppa Pig to Life at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets,” Identity, Category: Media Relations

Division 4: Communication Skills

Michael Blackburn, Genevieve Blais, Ernesta Rossi and Cyrus Mavalwala, “Markham Votes Online,” Advantis Communications, Category: Audio / Visual

Katherine Ferguson, Rosana Laurain, Giovanni Loria, Peter Ternes and Jill Wilmot, “Energy Den by DTE Energy,” DTE Energy, Category: Special and Experiential Events

Kevin Zywiol, “Healthy Blue Living HMO communications rewrite and redesign,” Blue Care Network of Michigan, Category: Writing

Webster Bank Financial Corporation, “Webster Bank 2018 Annual Report & Video,”Webster Bank, Category: Publications

Marketing & Communications Team, “Realizing the Mission FY17-FY18 Impact Report,” Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Category: Publications

James Cuniglio, “Show a veteran some love - #SideBySide19 #NorthwellLife,” Category: Social Media Programs

Cathy Toner, “Villanova Business - Winter 2019 Edition,” Villanova School of Business, Category: Publications

Thomas Sclafani, “Ideas at Northwell Soft Launch,” Northwell Health, Category: Writing

2019 Silver Quill Award of Merit Recipients


Division 1: Communication Management

Corporate Communications Team, “Lincoln Financial Group - National Sales Conference,” Lincoln Financial Group, Category: Internal Communication

Paula Silver, Randi Berris, Cindy Hecht, Dana Blankenship and Katie Gonta, "Building Support for Wind Energy in Mid-Michigan," DTE Energy, Category: Issues Management and Crisis Communication. 

Division 2: Communication Research

Catherine Vera-Burgos, Elizabeth Donoghue Colvin, Michael Gingerella, Cynthia Parker, Keana Anderson and Michelle Utykanski, “Provider manuals: Improving the provider's experience,” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, Category: Communication Research

Division 4: Communication Skills

Paula Silver, Irene Dimitry, Randi Berris, Alexa Stanard, Sarah Maki and Joyce Leslie, “Clean, Reliable Solutions to Power Michigan's Future,”  DTE Energy, Category: Publications

Andrea KenskiGeoffrey GeistNeekita Singla and Ashley DuPuy Mancuso, “The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit's 32nd Annual Bed & Bread Club Radiothon,” Franco, Category: Nonprofit Campaigns

Nancy Emerson and Mary Liebman, “Fidelity's Pulse on Health Care,”  Fidelity Investments Health Solutions Thought Leadership, Category: Publications

Jackiedra Wilson,  Challenge Accepted! Event Chair, Board and Event Volunteers, “Challenge Accepted!,”  IABC Greater Cincinnati, Category: Special and Experiential Events

Victoria Bellucci, “Creating Tomorrow Together,” Civic Entertainment Group, Category: Special and Experiential Events

Marketing & Communications Team, “Global Promise: Insights on International Collaborative Health,”  Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Category: Social Media Programs

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The IABC Heritage Region Silver Quill program is completely driven by volunteer support. Volunteers are IABC members who are contributing their time and skills to advance the communication profession through this program.  Volunteering at the region level is also another way to get the most out of your IABC membership. 

  • Alex Hichel, University of Detroit Mercy, Silver Quill Chair, Region Chair Elect
  • Jennifer Fry, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Kim Monder, Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Ohio
  • Anna Cangialosi, Barton Malow
  • Cindy Orlandi, Volunteer Marketing Specialist

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